Gather Client Data Effortlessly with PreciseFP

Gather Client Data Effortlessly with PreciseFP

Empowering Advisors with Data, Engagement, and Tools for Service Excellence

PreciseFP Solutions

With PreciseFP, your client data is easy to collect, accurately represented, and appears in all the places you need it to. The white-glove, digital-first experience eliminates manual manipulation, while enabling the seamless, accurate transfer of client data between all the software tools you use.

Dedicate more time to your clients, your relationships, and your winning strategies. PreciseFP has all the tools you need for nurturing new leads and driving efficiency – like a built-in forms library, pre-configured Fact Finders, and risk assessment questionnaires.

Streamline workflows, automate journeys, and elevate your whole team’s capacity for exceptional client interactions.


Fact Finders

Each client you onboard has a unique profile and individual needs. Why gather data with a form that’s impersonal and irrelevant? PreciseFP’s customizable fact finders let you collect details that make sense in a manner you know that client will respond well to.


Risk Tolerance Tools

Risk feels different for every investor. How well your recommendations suit their needs will depend on how well you know where your client stands. Get to know their risk tolerance windows and make recommendations that work with our scientifically-validated model.


Digital Service Agreements

Never wait for your clients to print, sign, scan, and return a document again. Customize your digital service agreements and collect approval with built-in e-signature functionality. This compliant solution works for other advisory-related documents too!


KYC and Compliance

Know-your-client (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules are easy to follow with PreciseFP. Data collected through engagements automatically updates your client profile and keeps track of every action in a nearly organized account timeline.


Workflow Automation

Eliminate manual data entry and repetitive tasks for you, your staff, and your clients. Use workflow automation for high-quality, time-saving, error-free data execution.


Lead Nurturing Toolset

Effortlessly create contact forms, lead magnets, surveys, and quizzes. PreciseFP makes it easy to attract and capture leads. Build and grow client relationships with tools that match your expanding business.


Custom Template Support

Quickly convert your existing forms into fully operational, digital templates. Simply send your pdf, doc, or xls file our way and we’ll create a responsive, online-optimized form you can use to engage your clients.


Custodial Forms

Our growing library of pre-built templates lets you instantly engage clients on the most common custodian/broker-dealer operations. Account opening, transfers, ACH authorizations, and IRA agreements can be completed without touching PDF form ever again.

Streamline Your Operations, Uplevel Client Support

Wow clients with high-quality, high-tech, accessible-anywhere service while freeing up advisors to focus on driving more value for their clients.

Digital Client Onboarding

Using PreciseFP, creating a prospect’s account is easy: manually input data, import from a CRM, or use our API to connect to other apps. Importing even auto-populates the Comprehensive Financial Profile, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry.

No matter how the account was created, when the prospect is ready, they click a link from their advisor to input data like demographics, finances, and tax status into the PreciseFP Fact Finder. They can do it on any device, starting and stopping as needed, thanks to automatic saves. They never have to print or fax anything.

After assessing prospects, digitally onboard them using templates like the Client Service Agreement and Investment Policy Statement. Send these forms through a secure link and even facilitate e-signatures with PreciseFP. Best of all, no babysitting! If a form isn’t received within three days, PreciseFP sends a reminder email to prompt completion automatically, making the account opening process smooth and efficient.

Client onboarding is streamlined, with data consistency that meets all KYC compliance obligations. The scientifically-validated Risk Tolerance Questionnaire lets you immediately start generating relevant, appropriate, personalized (and legally defensible) financial advice.

Regular Client Engagement

Experts recommend that advisors engage with clients 12-18 times per year, focusing on clients’ financial well-being. As a manual effort, this can be time-consuming. Phone calls are inefficient and difficult to arrange on everyone’s calendars. Emails can be time-efficient, but often results in passive, less engaging interactions.

What’s the right answer, then?

A digital engagement that offers clients valuable, personalized information and requests for their feedback. Clients feel understood and heard. They appreciate—and engage in—discussions about their financial well-being. This leads to better advisory service, customer referrals, and relationship growth.

PreciseFP makes this kind of outreach easy. Browse the Template Library for customized content. Use the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ) to gauge client risk readiness. Pair the RTQ with the Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a customizable document outlining investment objectives. IPS integrates with RTQ, includes e-signatures, and serves as an engagement touchpoint.

In PreciseFP, you have every piece of the engagement you need, integrated seamlessly and delivered to clients at scale.

Annual Client Review

Capturing your client’s financial profile once isn’t enough. A client’s financial situation evolves constantly, and it’s the advisor’s responsibility to maintain real-time awareness of these changes, updating profiles at least annually.

PreciseFP streamlines the process involved with keeping client profiles current. Send clients pre-filled profile templates that reduce their data entry. They can easily make any profile modifications at their leisure. Clients will even get automated reminders if they haven’t completed the process within a specified time frame.

Once a client submits their data, you receive an alert. PreciseFP makes it easy for you to stay on top of client changes. You’ll receive an alert each time they submit new data. Changes are highlighted so they are easy for you to spot. The whole thing couldn’t be simpler.

Lead Nurturing

Successful financial advisors with XY Planning Network, First Citizens Bank, Securities America, Founders Financial, The Garrett Planning Network, and others use automated digital engagement and onboarding channels for their clients.

Advisory firms need to engage potential new clients all the time in order to bring in a constant flow of new, high-quality prospects. Promote pre-written PreciseFP lead magnets on your website, in emails, or on social media for the greatest reach. With a few clicks, you can create a button, banner, or floating bar to generate leads directly from your website or landing pages.

PreciseFP Lead Magnets allow your firm to build brand awareness and leverage your current brand assets to build trust, turning existing customers into brand advocates.

PreciseFP Lead Magnets will help you to drive specific actions, such as:

  • Publish forms on your website to automatically add new customers right to your PreciseFP account.
  • Automatically set appointments on your calendar with widgets like Calendly.
  • Gather required information automatically using PreciseFP’s workflow pipelines.
  • Up-sell current clients with other services such as tax or college planning.

Lead generation content available for free:

  • 5 Steps to Early Retirement
    Creating the next awesome, must-have social media app and then selling it to Apple or Google is one way to an early retirement. Not a programmer? Not to worry. We have five common-sense steps to get you on the road to retiring while still young.
  • 5 Biggest Investor Mistakes
    Every investor wants to avoid making mistakes. This lead magnet describes five areas that visitors to your website or followers on social media can learn about and use the information to improve their own situation.
  • FREE Investment Portfolio Review
    Offer your prospects a free portfolio review. This template asks the prospect to provide you with Investment & Income details including a place for them to upload statements.

Isn’t it time you did away with manual data manipulation?