Grow Your Business with PreciseFP’s Lead Generation Solutions

Lead Generation

Capture new prospects and grow your business.

The cost of lead generation

On average, a new lead will cost you $55 USD

And this number can grow exponentially if you use expensive lead generation services.

Capturing a lead is just another aspect of data gathering and that’s why we are a perfect replacement for those services that focus solely on lead generation.


Create and publish contact forms, lead magnets, surveys, and quizzes

Our template library includes several lead generation templates that you can easily publish on your website or use in email marketing campaigns.

When a new lead opens a published template, they are automatically created as a new prospect in your account and all data they fill in is saved under a new engagement.

Follow up

Customize your prospect pipeline and automate your first contact

Once prospects are in the system, it’s easy to automate follow-ups that will engage them with topics matching their initial interests.

And when you’re sure they are a good fit, all data is in their profile and can be used to pre-fill future engagements.

Level Up Your Financial Advising Game

Understand what makes your clients comfortable (or uncomfortable) with financial risks with our how-to guide.