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Tech Talk: Better Client Experiences Start Here

User experience is a domain that affects both advisors and clients. That’s why financial professionals and firms must select tools that serve both interests and seamlessly integrate to avoid headaches and frustration. Enter Wealthtender, PreciseFP, Asset-Map, Bento Engine, and Hubly. These solutions play nicely and can help bridge the gap between onboarding and cultivating a loyal client.

In a recent demo, representatives from each company shared relevant use cases and how each can fit into daily operations. For each demonstration, the speakers refer to a fictional couple, Janet and Joe, a family seeking financial advice. This pair might start their customer journey by exploring Wealthtender to find an advisor.

A 30,000-Foot View

Once Janet and Joe have selected an advisor via Wealthtender, PreciseFP’s pre-meeting questionnaires become relevant to facilitate initial client interactions. Asset-Map can act as a complementary resource, helping to present financial data gathered by PreciseFP. Hubly’s workflow features streamline the process following client onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition into long-term client management. Finally, Bento Engine’s tool supports ongoing client needs, including regulatory compliance and significant life events.

This is just a high-level overview of each technology, however. There’s much more to explore to see how each one might fit in with your existing infrastructure. Here’s a deeper dive into each platform and how financial advisors can lean on an array of tools to help tighten up their processes and procedures — and increase client satisfaction at the same time.

What does this synergy look like in the real world? Brian Thorp, Wealthtender’s founder and CEO, demonstrated how the platform helps consumers find financial advisors tailored to their needs. For instance, prospective clients can pore through advisor profiles and reviews while accessing direct contact options. He also noted how Wealthtender can introduce elements of affordability and effectiveness in connecting consumers with advisors.

Talking FinTech

Richard Thoeny from PreciseFP made the case for how gathering and validating client data — with compliance in mind — can be made simple. He demonstrated how advisors can send customized fact-finding forms to clients, collect and update information securely, and seamlessly integrate the data with other third-party systems.

Another PreciseFP integration partner, Asset-Map, helps advisors introduce the “wow factor” into client meetings. Asset-Map’s VP of Community Alison Susko brought to life the concept of what it means to have visual engagement and client involvement in the planning process. As she demonstrated, the platform facilitates discussions and updates during client meetings.

Louis Retief, Hubly’s CEO and co-founder, provided context around how his solution can address some of the traditional pain points around client onboarding. For instance, let’s pretend Janet books an introductory call. The advisor can leverage various platforms, such as Wealthtender and Calendly, to automate scheduling and data import and lighten the team’s load. This is a case when documenting standard operating procedures, such as tracking when the pre-meeting questionnaire was sent, is particularly important.

From here, advisors can help introduce more visibility into the process by indicating when the introduction was completed and adding meeting notes directly in Hubly that sync with the CRM system. Another value add: Louis explained how meeting notes in Hubly are linked directly to tasks. This makes it easier for team members to refer back to them at their convenience.

Best Practices Come Alive

Because time is money, Hubly users can unlock insights and reporting features in Hubly that can help them address operational facets that might need to be tightened up. For instance, Hubly provides data on the average time to onboard a client and identifies bottlenecks. This data-driven approach enables advisors to make more informed decisions and optimize their onboarding processes for efficiency and growth.

Another piece, Bento Engine, marries technology and content that helps serve and engage clients fully. As CEO Phillip Hecker explains, its integration with a CRM means it can notify advisors of “advice opportunities” and age-related events. Think life events like marriage, divorce, a new baby, or upcoming retirement. In this way, a client will get the right message at the right time while offering peace of mind to the advisor because it meets compliance standards.

This demo just scratched the surface — visit each partner to learn more about next steps. Ready to get started with PreciseFP? Sign up for your free trial here.

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