Easy Client Signatures and Contract Execution with PreciseFP

Service Agreement

Customizable agreements with e-signature.

Paperless agreements

Eliminate friction and onboard your clients faster

Never again ask your clients to print, sign, scan and return a document. Use our service agreement template as a starting point to create your own advisory agreements, letters of authorization, or any other advisory-related document for your clients to sign.

Streamlined experience

The same user experience your clients are familiar with

Engaging your clients with an agreement works exactly the same way as any other engagement.

No more extra steps or new signups with third-party services just to capture your client’s signature. And if you need it signed by both spouses, we’ve got you covered. Our templates can capture signatures for the client and the co-client of each account.

Certification and compliance

Certified documents with eSIGN / eIDAS compliant signatures

Once your client is done, the resulting signed document is available instantly in your account.

We certify the document and provide you a detailed audit trail that includes the signer’s IP address, the signature timestamp, and all other relevant information to ensure a proper signature attribution.

Level Up Your Financial Advising Game

Understand what makes your clients comfortable (or uncomfortable) with financial risks with our how-to guide.