PreciseFP Fact Finders Streamline Client Data Collection

Fact Finder

Data gathering for a comprehensive financial plan.

The problem

The fact finder conundrum

Every client is unique. Some are more tech savvy than others. Some don’t even know where their financial documents are. Each client has a different financial situation, with different goals, and different needs.

So how can you create a comprehensive financial plan without spending countless hours gathering data on a case-by-case basis?

The solution

Customizable fact finding

Generic fact finders are overwhelming, impersonal and often lead to frustration.

That’s why we give you the ability to handle each client the way you see fit. Customize your fact finders to adapt to any situation. Create a specific template for a specific client, or split your data gathering process into several small steps over time. The choice is yours.

User experience

Streamlined user experience on any device

Your clients are able to access their fact finder on their laptops, tablets and mobile devices. And there’s no need to worry about finishing everything in one sitting.

Our engagements save data automatically so they can stop and continue later as many times as they need to.

Hassle free

Your client’s data, where you need it

Once your clients are done, their profile is automatically updated and you can export their data to your CRM or financial planning tool at the the click of a button.

Level Up Your Financial Advising Game

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