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  • Access for one user
  • 100 client/prospect profiles
  • All PreciseFP's features
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PreciseFP allows you to manage your account to reflect the size of your business.
Your subscription is updated automatically when you add extra users, teams, or client/prospect profiles.


Create additional users and work collaboratively in PreciseFP.


Create additional teams to segment your data by office or department.


We will include an additional 100 client/prospect profiles whenever your exceed your current limit.

Looking for Enterprise Pricing?

If you have more than 50 users, get in touch with us and we will prepare a custom quote that fits your needs.

Return on Investment

Adjust values below to find out how much PreciseFP will save you by reducing data management costs.
Yearly Cost
PreciseFP Savings
PreciseFP subscription
Financial plans created by your firm
Re-typing client information into your firm's CRM / other software
Meeting time spent collecting documents and updating information
Lead generation via email marketing and website advertising

Yearly ROI: $33,830.00