Open and Transfer Investor Accounts Faster with PreciseFP

Custodial Forms

Open and transfer accounts faster.

Custodial packages

Ready to use templates for account applications and other needs

Our evergrowing library includes pre-built templates to engage your clients on the most common custodian/broker-dealer operations. Account opening, transfers, ACH authorizations, and IRA agreements can be completed without the need to touch a PDF form ever again.

Streamlined experience

The same user experience your clients are familiar with

Engaging your clients with an agreement works exactly the same way as any other engagement.

Your clients input and review their information in a secure, familiar environment, with real-time data validation and auto-save. When they are done, we automatically fill in the underlying PDF form for you to send out to your custodian or broker-dealer.

PDF mapper

Automatically fill any PDF document with your client’s data

Our PDF Mapper lets you upload any PDF form and connect the fields yourself. The PDF’s fields get filled with client-entered data while the output remains in the PDF’s original format. You can even connect our e-signature elements and have your clients sign the mapped PDF directly from their engagement, without the need to open the underlying PDF.