Automate Financial Planning Administration Tasks with PreciseFP

Workflow Automation

Reduce administrative and repetitive tasks.

Better workflow

Simplify your work by reducing administrative tasks

Saving you time and money is one of our major goals. We want to eliminate manual data entry and automate repetitive tasks for you, your staff and your clients.


One click exports to your CRM and financial planning tool

We invest heavily in integrations that allow you to easily export client data. Once you start an export, we give you feedback on the transfer. And if anything goes wrong, we let you know right away.


Pre-filled engagements that save your clients time

We keep your client’s profile up-to-date with their latest information so that when you engage them in the future, their data is already there.


Automate your client’s journey

Your clients. Your methods. Your workflow. We want our tool to work for you and not the other way around.

We’ve built a customizable pipeline that allows you to establish what events trigger what actions so that you can be in complete control of your client’s journey.