Our Story - PreciseFP

Fueled by passion

We’re passionate about making you better at what you do. And it would be remiss if we didn’t mention our passion for efficiency. We built PreciseFP around proven, effective processes that allow you to save both time and money.

There must be a better way

That was the discussion that our two co-founders had back in 2006. Don Whalen, CFP®, and a long-time friend and business partner Sebastian Skwarek, a career technologist, embarked on a path that would lead them through the challenges of taking an advisor’s paper questionnaire and turning it into an interactive experience for clients and prospects.

In 2007, we launched PreciseFP 1.0, a basic questionnaire that allowed advisors to gather data from clients and prospects in a more efficient way. Although still somewhat rudimentary in its design, its benefits were immediately felt by hundreds of advisors, and it received recognition as being a far superior solution to previous data-gathering methods.

In 2010, we released PreciseFP 2.0, which included a more advanced user interface and several integrations with external systems that allowed the collected data to be exported.

In 2015, we released PreciseFP 3.0, offering a vastly improved user interface that allowed forms customizations, more built-in processes around the way advisors work, and a whole host of new features.

In 2016 we again improved on the platform with a re-engineered forms editor. PreciseFP 4.0 also included a forms library with forms that not only gather financial information, but that also engage them on a number of important topics.

In 2018 we launched PreciseFP 5.0 with a brand new user interface and even more exciting new features. Our latest version is easier to use, more customizable, and faster than ever before.

We continue to improve upon what we have learned and we continue to learn about what we need to improve from our advisors. We are honored that PreciseFP is one of the first experiences that clients will have with their new advisor.