About PreciseFP: Empowering Financial Advisors

PreciseFP: It All Started with “There Must Be a Better Way…”

Precise FP Was Founded on the Idea that It Should Be Easier for Financial Professionals to Work Effectively and Efficiently, While Delivering a Better Client Experience.

PreciseFP is Born

It was that sentiment back in 2006 that brought co-founders Don Whalen, CFP, and long-time friend and business partner Sebastian Skwarek, a career technologist, together in common purpose. It should be easier for financial advisors to provide high-quality service efficiently.

They started with the advisor’s paper questionnaire and challenged themselves to come up with a faster, easier, more efficient digital solution. Something that would be intuitive and effortlessly interactive for clients and prospects to fill out.

PreciseFP 1.0

In 2007, the vision came to life and PreciseFP 1.0 launched! Although that first version of the data gatherong software was still somewhat rudimentary, its benefits were immediately recognized. Hundreds of advisors called it the superior solution. The team was off and running.

PreciseFP 2.0

In 2010, we released PreciseFP 2.0 which showcased a more advanced user interface and several integrations with key external systems, allowing data to be collected and exported in one fell swoop.

PreciseFP 3.0

PreciseFP 3.0 came about in 2015, offering a vastly improved user interface that allowed forms customizations, more built-in processes, and a whole host of new features.

PreciseFP 4.0

In 2016, the platform (4.0) improved again with a re-engineered forms editor and an expanded forms library that enabled not just financial information gathering, but also client engagement on a broader number of important topics.

Sped Up
PreciseFP 5.0

In 2018, PreciseFP 5.0 was launched with a brand-new user interface. This latest version is easier to use, more customizable, and faster than ever before.

Combined Forces
Joining Docupace and PreciseFP 6.0

In 2021, PreciseFP was acquired by Docupace. PreciseFP’s innovative client-facing capabilities combined with Docupace’s powerful automation, workflow, and operations processing tools creates an industry-leading, end-to-end wealthtech ecosystem savvy advisors can use to engage clients and prospects better than ever before.

Also in 2021, PreciseFP 6.0 streamlined the signature collection experience for both advisors and clients by making it possible to include multiple PDFs in a single engagement, and by supporting multiple-signer scenarios (such as those involving trustees or beneficiaries).

At the end of the day, our mission is the same as when the company was founded. Only now we know there IS an easier way: with PreciseFP. We’ve made it our mission to continuously improve the data gathering software solutions that let financial professionals work effectively and efficiently, all while delivering a better client experience.

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