In the media

“We specialize in creating comprehensive financial plans for individuals as an employer benefit, and we work with large companies; our largest has 8,000 employees… Any tool that can offload some or all client data input to the client is worth trying… This process, he added, has the benefit of making the client more involved and engaged in a collaborative process.”

Sloan Walters
Blakely Walters Wealth Management

“Bill Winterberg of FPPad recently interviewed our co-founder Don Whalen about our improved Redtail and SmartOffice integrations and other exciting developments with PreciseFP. In spite of the podcast only being available for the last two weeks of December, it was in the top 5 most downloaded podcasts in 2012! Thanks Bill for the podcast and thank you advisors for downloading it in such large numbers!”

FP Pad

“Clients appreciate it when you are organized in the way you get info from them; I think it comes in cleaner than what you get from a paper-based form.”

Ben Jennings, CFP®
Soundview Advisors

“PreciseFP™ offers numerous benefits other than just cost savings. First, because the software makes it so much easier to update existing questionnaires, you’ll probably use them more frequently with clients. Doing so can reveal changing client circumstances that they might not otherwise discuss with you in a timely fashion, or it might reveal additional revenue opportunities.”

Joel P. Bruckenstein

“…[PreciseFP] is one of those things that make you wonder why nobody has done this before. It is certainly worth checking out.”

Joel Bruckenstein
Applied Technology for Financial Professionals Expert

As a former COO for a financial advisory firm, I remember the struggle involved with collecting client data. I discovered the key is to make it as simple for them as possible. After all, isn’t that why they’re paying us? With PreciseFP, not only do you look more professional in your clients’ eyes by offering them a clean, easy-to-use data gatherer that they actually enjoy using, but they [the clients] are now doing your data entry work for you! How’s that for a win-win!”

Ginny Hudgens