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Take Back Your Time: PreciseFP Integrations to Consider

With more tools now than ever at your disposal, some advisors find the landscape to be more complicated, not simpler as intended. For example, firms might rely on one program to nurture leads and another to track client data — plus many other solutions.

This inefficiency and related frustration affects everything from productivity to the client experience. What if there were a better way to approach operations?

A solution exists in the form of software integrations. You might be familiar with this term on a high level but perhaps don’t understand how it practically fits in with your day-to-day. Software integration refers to combining different software components or systems to work as a single cohesive unit. Looking under the hood, this means connecting siloed systems, applications, or modules so they communicate, share data, and function seamlessly with each other.

PreciseFP and a suite of compatible tools empower advisors to perform at their best. Instead of working with and around the constraints of multiple programs, financial advisors and firms can get more from their systems. It’s a perfect example of solutions becoming more than the sum of their parts and utilizing best-in-class tools to create a customized solution for your firm’s needs.

PreciseFP is a leading product on its own, but integrations are where we shine. PreciseFP integrates with leading financial planning software ranging from scheduling to customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. No more clunky workflows. Data across each platform stays updated automatically with each client engagement and then gets transferred automatically to your go-to tools.

We’re excited to present a complete list of our partnerships and integrations. We’re always working on more, but the following is a real-time picture for your reference. We’ve broken down the solutions by function so you can understand each one and the value it might add to your practice:

CRM Integrations 

Integration with CRM platforms such as Advisor Engine, Redtail Technology, Wealthbox, and Salesforce allows for seamless data exchange between PreciseFP and these CRMs. This integration streamlines client information management and enhances workflow efficiency for financial professionals. This means advisors and back-office staff have access to the complete picture of each client with the most current information — all without moving data manually or having to work through multiple systems.

Financial Planning Software Integrations

Integration with financial planning softwares like eMoney Advisor, MoneyGuide, Asset-Map, RightCapital and more allows advisors to seamlessly incorporate client data acquired through PreciseFP into their financial planning processes. This integration ensures accuracy and consistency in financial plans, while promoting client engagement because clients feel like active participants in their plans.

Also check out specialized planning tools we integrate with like Income Lab.

Other integrations that users find valuable include: CFS Collegiate Planning, FP Alpha, and Calendly.

Ultimately, PreciseFP’s integrations help advisors focus on the big picture instead of losing time and energy with managing all the moving pieces.

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