17 Reasons Why PreciseFP is Better Than a Portal

17 Reasons Why PreciseFP is Better Than a Portal

We often get compared to a portal for financial advisors. For the record, we’re not offended by the comparison, but we are no more a portal than we are a CRM (we get accused of being that too). Both of the aforementioned tools serve separate and distinct functions. If PreciseFP is good at what it does it’s because it doesn’t try to resemble other tools. PreciseFP is fintech for today’s advisor seeking better client engagement and greater efficiencies at the firm level.

 Here is my list of 17 reasons why PreciseFP is better than a portal:

  1. A guided experience saves clients time and frustration. PreciseFP provides a distinct starting point and the client knows when she is finished. With so many fields and so many places to navigate to, when it comes to portals, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  2. Targeted engagements means the advisor gets exactly the data she needs. It also means the client isn’t wasting time providing information that doesn’t relate to him.
  3. Conditional visibility means that things are displayed only when relevant to a client’s situation. A choice made upstream drives what is presented downstream, further reducing client frustration and time wasted.
  4. High and Low security templates means that Personally Identifiable Information is captured safely, while lead gen and survey data is captured without the unnecessary burden of entering credentials.
  5. Web publishable links allow advisors to engage clients and prospects anywhere (Ex: website, email footer, social media).
  6. More secure since access can be removed once the engagement is completed, instead of access being always available (the latter being the case with a portal).
  7. Gathers and shares client-provided data with other applications, thereby eliminating data-entry by the advisor and/or staff.
  8. Multiple tools in one (RTQ, IPS, surveys, lead gen, etc)
  9. Profile History shows what the client changed so the advisor doesn’t have to search for changes made. A full audit trail also shows who changed what and when.
  10. Device agnostic. Whether your client prefers to use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to engage with you, his advisor, we’ve got him covered with engagements that respond to whatever device is being used.
  11. E-signatures are included and can be used within PreciseFP engagements as well as with fillable PDFs.
  12. Automated PDF filling and signing. Want to fill a custodial form or a form from an insurance company and have it e-signed? Your client gets the PreciseFP experience and you get a filled PDF, complete with e-signature..
  13. Customizable dataset means you add fields that are important, remove those that are not.
  14. Calculated fields that allow arithmetic operations to be baked in.
  15. Pipelines that allow configurable workflows, empowering you to create your unique customer journey.
  16. Data Quality metrics that show missing pieces of important information that your firm needs to gather from your customers. And last but not least…
  17. Clients don’t like to “hang out” in a portal and peruse financial information. That’s why they hired you. They want to help you help them, but then they want to move on. With PreciseFP, they’re in, they’re out, and then they’re on the beach ⛱️.

Portals have a place in some financial planning firms and I’m not trying to knock them. But if what you are looking for is highly engaged clients and a more streamlined practice, PreciseFP is your ticket. After all, thousands of advisors can’t be wrong.

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