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We’ve Got Something to Tail You

There isn’t a day that goes by at PreciseFP where somebody doesn’t ask us this:

Can I put a PreciseFP form on my website that clients and prospects fill out? And can that data automatically flow to my CRM?“.

And in the case of Redtail and many other CRMs, the answer is a resounding YES!

Let’s face it. We advisors have better things to do then take a form that our clients took the time to fill out only to then needlessly waste more time to do the same “filling out” in our CRM and financial planning tools. It’s kind of like taking your car to a car wash, only to wash it again when you get home. Who does that? OK, I might have done than once or twice.

My point is, if you’re not moving more and more towards a build your own robo solution, you’re not only losing out in efficiencies that other firms are realizing, you’re also not giving your clients the online experience they come to expect. Do you think they want to call your office, be placed on hold, and have to spell out their new mailing address over the phone? Or would they prefer to have access to an online form found on your website where they can update the information in seconds? Better yet, you should be sending out a “Contact Info Verification” form every year from PreciseFP so that clients can see what mailing address, telephone numbers, etc you have in your CRM, update information as needed, and be done. Boom! boom

Hopefully you’re already doing some of the things I describe above. And if you are a Redtail user, I have some exciting developments that are going to make your life even easier with our latest deployment.

Latest Redtail integration enhancements (now live):

  1. The email address used to link accounts is now configured to the “best” option. This option will check for a primary email, then a preferred email, then the latest email in the contact. The email used is configurable in the configuration mapper. So if someone wants to use only “primary” or only “preferred”, or a specific email type (work, home,etc), they can.
  2. Extended contact user defined fields (UDF) support. We now support more UDF field types (dates, picklists, etc.).
  3. Support for account user defined fields. We now support UDF fields in accounts.
  4. Assets and Liabilities are now import and export. ‘Nuff said. sunglasses
  5. Support for custom contact sources, statuses, servicing advisors, writing advisors and categories. Users are now able to map all of the above in the integration mapper.
  6. Support for custom account types and tax qualified types. Users are now able to map custom account types in the integration mapper.

There you have it. One of our most popular CRM integrations made even better.

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