MoneyGuidePro® is the first collaborative internet-based financial planning software that offers a unique client-centered approach. The goal-based planning approach is meaningful to the client and more productive for the advisor.


How the integration works?

Click on Settings from the left side navigation. On the Integrations tab locate the enable button on the MoneyGuidePro box.

You’ll then be asked to enter in your Institution ID. If you are unsure of your ID please contact MoneyGuidePro support (

Once you’ve entered in your ID click on the enable button. You should see a confirmation that the integration was enabled.

How do you export files?

While in your client/prospects record click on the Export button in the upper navigation. Choose MoneyGuidePro from the drop down

Click on the Export button on the pop-up window. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off especially if you are not seeing the MoneyGuidePro screen pop-up.

If this is your first time exporting you will be asked to enter in your MoneyGuidePro credentials on the next screen. You’ll then be taken to your clients record in MoneyGuidePro.

Note: If you are exporting a new client you will need to click on export twice, the first time to create the contact details, second time to export all of the other information. If you receive a message stating your login credentials are incorrect on the MGP page, this means your institutional ID is incorrect and you’ll want to contact MGP support ( to obtain your ID. Once you’ve done that you’ll want to come back to the integrations page in your settings and disable then re-enable your MGP integration.