eMoney Advisor is a scalable wealth management platform developed for financial professionals, firms, and enterprises of all sizes. It’s technology enables financial professionals to build stronger client relationships, streamline operations, and drive revenue and growth.
With our integration partner, eMoney, you can send information and also receive information into your PreciseFP account.


How the integration works?

Click on Settings on the left side navigation. Then click on the Integrations tab from the top navigation. Click on the Enable button on the eMoney integration box.

You will then be prompted to enter in your partner name (if unknown please contact eMoney support at 1.888.362.8482) then click on the Enable button.

You will then be asked to enter in your eMoney credentials. After you have entered in your credentials click on the Allow Access button. You should see a notification letting you know that the connection has been successful.

How do you export files?

Go to your client or prospects record. While in their record click on the Export. From the drop down choose eMoney.

Next you will have the option to sync this client with an existing client record in eMoney (If last name of client has been found in your eMoney records) or create the client as a new record. Click on export once you have made your selection.

There will be a brief waiting period while the information is exported. Once complete you should see a notice that the client’s data has been successfully exported. You will now see a record for this client in eMoney (if you selected to create a new record).

If you chose to sync the data within an existing record in eMoney, the updates in PreciseFP will then reflect in the record in eMoney.

How do you import files?

To import click on Clients on the left side navigation then click on the Import button in the top navigation and choose eMoney from the drop down.

Enter your clients last name in the search area.

Check the radio button to the left of your client you wish to import and then click on the Import button.

After a brief waiting period you will see the account imported message. You can use the scroll bar to the right to see all information that imported in. Once you click on close, you’ll then be taken into the clients record in PreciseFP.

Click on the Profile button at the top to view all of the data by sections (on the left) that imported in from eMoney.