PreciseFP Incorporates e-Signatures into its List of Features

[Press Release] – PreciseFP Incorporates e-Signatures into its List of Features

PreciseFP Incorporates e-Signatures into its List of Features, Making the Most Widely-Used Client Data-Gathering and Engagement Tool Even More Compelling for Advisors

ALPHARETTA, Ga, July 27, 2017 – PreciseFP, a client engagement and lead capture tool, as well as a fully customizable forms tool and client financial profile builder, today released e-signatures as part of the tool’s growing list of features.

With the release of e-signatures, clients can electronically sign forms they submit to their advisor. Don Whalen, CFP®, and co-founder of PreciseFP, said, “This is a tremendous value-add for advisors and their clients since clients no longer need to print, sign, and return documents that require client signatures. It’s a huge time-saver for the advisor since no extra paper shuffling is required. And since it’s PreciseFP, forms are pre-filled, making it totally hassle-free for the client.” The process requires advisory agreements, letters of authorization, and other advisory-related documents to be converted into PreciseFP forms, a task that is easily accomplished with PreciseFP’s advanced editor. Clients access the easy-to-use and secure PreciseFP forms to conveniently apply their electronic signatures in one or many locations on the form, depending on the requirements. “You’re going to see an immediate impact on many advisors’ bottom lines. Instead of having to wait for advisory agreements and other legal documents to be returned in the mail, they can be sent to the client and electronically submitted to the advisor with the clients’ signatures, within minutes. Just imagine the impact on revenue as assets can be managed and financial plans can be generated without delay,” Whalen added. The new feature carries no added cost and is part of a regular PreciseFP subscription.

About PreciseFP: PreciseFP is the leading data-gathering and engagement tool used by financial professionals around the world.  PreciseFP allows financial advisors and insurance professionals to create custom engagement pieces that gather data specific to their clients’ needs and interests. Clients spend less time in the tedious process of completing generic forms and questionnaires, thanks to PreciseFP’s engagement pieces that are prefilled with data from CRM and financial planning applications. Also, because engagement pieces are custom and contain only fields of data that are relevant to their unique situation, clients are more engaged than with other “cookie cutter” data intake methods. This results in clients providing more complete financial profiles, which helps advisors better meet their obligations of knowing their clients and doing what is in the best interest of their clients. Also, since data gathered flows to tools like Redtail, SmartOffice, MoneyGuidePro, eMoney, and others, there is no need for tedious, error-prone data entry.

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