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Encrypting client data: 1/2 of all advisors don’t do it

A recent article that appeared in InvestmentNews entitled “Encrypting emails, files for clients is crucial, but not always followed” highlights the importance of encrypting client data in order to keep sensitive POI out of the hands of would-be wrongdoers. The article points out that 46% of advisors do not currently use any encryption at all. That is a frightening statistic!

PreciseFP provides advisors with a secure means of capturing client data via its library of client-facing forms. Advisors are able to receive updated financial profiles of their clients, and can even request additional documents that clients easily upload right within their advisor’s form. And it’s all done via secure, encrypted, connections between the client and the advisor.

As advisors become aware of the importance of security and the ever-increasing cyber threats, they are turning to PreciseFP as a more secure means of collecting the data they need from their clients. Not only does PreciseFP save advisors time and money, clients are more at ease knowing that their advisor is using the latest technology to make the data-providing experience easier, and more secure.

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