Kitces Podcast: How PreciseFP is Being Used as the Core Data Hub, Replacing Many “Traditional” Tools that Advisors Use - PreciseFP

Kitces Podcast: How PreciseFP is Being Used as the Core Data Hub, Replacing Many “Traditional” Tools that Advisors Use

Industry expert Michael Kitces recently interviewed PreciseFP user and advisor Shanna Tingom as part of Michael’s Financial Advisor Success series of podcasts.

In the podcast, Shanna describes how she uses marketing automation provider HubSpot with PreciseFP. The two “talk” to each other via zaps triggered by Zapier, which acts as middleware software, connecting the two platforms. Shanna describes her processes as follows:

When a prospect closes a PreciseFP form, I have zaps built to go to HubSpot and change that client or that prospect to a client, put them in the correct workflow, assign my assistant the task of preparing the paperwork, send the client a welcome email.

And they get a series of emails for the first eight weeks that they’re with me explaining the firm, explaining the tools we use, explaining our process. And throughout that process, my assistant is getting tasks to do certain things at certain times. And this all is without me having to do a darn thing.

It’s yet another example of how advisors are using PreciseFP to create their own robo at the firm level. From lead gen, to onboarding, to custodial (and other) form filling… and everything in-between. I talk to leading advisory firms like Shanna’s every day. PreciseFP allows her firm, as it does thousands of others, to become more efficient, providing the robo experience clients expect nowadays, while having the freedom to choose the custodian(s) of their choice, the investment options of their choice – in sum, to do things their way. It’s the nature of us fiercely independent advisors. We don’t want to be forced onto an investment platform that doesn’t offer ideal options for our clients. We also don’t want to act and look like the advisor down the street, but instead are looking for ways to put our best foot forward. PreciseFP is an integral part of achieving that.

Shanna uses PreciseFP as her “source of truth”, allowing her clients to keep their financial profile current, and sharing that data with eMoney. I hope you enjoy the podcast where she also describes her journey from wirehouse to independent advisor and the many things she learned along the way. A lot of the decisions made were based on the freedom that each b/d and custodian gave her to use the technology she wanted to take her firm to the next level

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