Wealthbox Custom Fields and Integration Mapper

Wealthbox Custom Fields and Integration Mapper

You asked for it. Now you have it: the ability to map custom fields that you created within Wealthbox CRM.

Wealthbox is an increasingly popular CRM used by financial advisors. When paired with PreciseFP via our integration, advisors are able to avoid manual data entry into Wealthbox by sharing data that clients provide via a PreciseFP fact-finder.

Advisors also now have complete control over how fields within PreciseFP are mapped to fields within Wealthbox. By using PreciseFP’s new Integration Mapper, advisors can decide where data from PreciseFP flows to Wealthbox. As an example, let’s say you didn’t want client telephone number in PreciseFP to map to client telephone in Wealthbox. Better yet, let’s say you wanted to create your own client telephone field and have that map to Wealthbox. Now you can. In fact, you can even map to custom fields that you created in Wealthbox.  How do you like that for control?

PreciseFP is all about giving advisors control – control over client data-gathering, but also control over data sharing. We believe that your time is better spent serving clients, not doing manual data entry. We trust that you agree.

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