How PreciseFP Enhances Prospect Engagement with Lead Generation, Questionnaires, and Client Touch Points

Amplifying Advisor Success: How PreciseFP Enhances Prospect Engagement with Lead Generation, Questionnaires, and Client Touch Points

For financial advisors, hitting the field and actively prospecting is the key to driving business growth. However, the demand for advisors to go beyond traditional responsibilities of software management, data gathering, and administrative tasks is increasing. Clients now expect their advisors to provide educational resources and enhanced engagement throughout their financial journey. To meet this evolving need, PreciseFP offers a comprehensive solution with pre-baked engagements that can be customized or used as-is, ensuring continuous client engagement beyond annual reviews. By keeping prospects and clients actively engaged, your business can maintain forward momentum and seize the opportunities presented by a new generation of investors and planners.

Here are three ways to engage prospects with PreciseFP:

Use Templates for Effective Lead Generation 

The first step to engaging prospects is to find them. Although the traditional method of cold-calling potential clients is still available, it’s less effective because many potential investors — especially younger clients — turn to the internet first for research. Establishing your firm online and creating funnels to attract new clients is essential for growth.

If you’re trying to manage lead generation on your own, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. PreciseFP’s library of ready-to-use lead-generation tools can help you capture new prospects. As you collect client information during the onboarding process, you can use that information to generate lead magnets, surveys, and quizzes with the help of PreciseFP’s customizable content templates. Topics range from retirement to investing to tax planning and more. The content in the template library is pre-written but completely customizable to your firm’s offerings and your clients’ needs.

Aside from saving time and taking the guesswork out of lead generation, PreciseFP’s templates also lead to significant cost savings. The average cost of a new lead is $55, but using customizable templates can significantly lower that cost and speed up your lead generation pipeline so you connect with the best leads quickly.

Create Customized Client Questionnaires 

The prospect stage is a crucial time to gather information about potential clients so you can provide them with the best product and investment recommendations. But the task of gathering information is cumbersome for both prospects and advisors. Many clients, especially high-net-worth individuals, value their time highly. A time-consuming onboarding process could cost you clients who would rather spend their time elsewhere.

PreciseFP’s FactFinder automates much of the data-gathering process and eliminates generic questionnaires, saving your clients time without sacrificing service. With its smooth and customizable interface, FactFinder helps advisors put their best foot forward and show their digital prowess to potential clients with customized and streamlined data collection.

Streamline Personalized Client Touchpoints

Each client has unique needs based on their financial situation, goals, and life stage. A recent college graduate, for example, has significantly different financial needs than a retired couple, and a message tailored to one prospect won’t resonate with the other. When firms send generic messages to all leads, they try to reach everyone but don’t create real connections with anyone because their value propositions are too vague.

The onboarding stage sets the foundation for future relationships, so take advantage of this opportunity to send personalized messages that demonstrate your understanding of your clients and their individual needs. PreciseFP makes it easy to send unique messages to multiple prospects. Instead of manually writing each message, you can automate messages to automatically send to different types of clients.

A prospect nearing retirement, for example, could receive a message about retirement products. Later, as you build the relationship, you can follow up with the prospect individually. This approach of personalized communication can lead to a solid relationship with each potential client.

Engaging prospects and driving new business is crucial to your firm’s growth, but it doesn’t have to take over your other responsibilities. With PreciseFP and Docupace, you can streamline the process to find the best leads and grow your firm.


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