Introduction to PreciseFP for Docupace Clients

Introduction to PreciseFP for Docupace Clients


Data collection and data entry represents 40% of the cost of creating a financial plan.  PreciseFP eliminates this cost by removing the burden of data gathering from you the advisor.

Your clients will be engaged if the experience is tailored to their needs, especially when it comes to high net worth clients who more than likely do not want to fill out a generic form. With PreciseFP you can create a guided experience by tailor making the data gathering experience and also reduce NIGO by adding validated and required fields. These are just some of the many perks of using the PreciseFP platform for your business.

This webinar recording will show the benefits that PreciseFP can bring to your firm such as how to eliminate manual data entry by you and staff, creating a customized data-gathering workflow, the premade template library, how to share client data between applications with the click of a button to get out of the data entry business forever, and so much more.

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Thousands of financial professionals use PreciseFP to handle their data-gathering needs every day.

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