Financial Planning Efficiency | PreciseFP Client Management Solutions

Lead the Way in Client Management with PreciseFP

Streamline Client Data Management and Engagement for Enhanced Financial Planning Efficiency

Flexible and Customizable

Customize and Brand Your Templates

We provide you with a library of professional-looking templates for almost any situation. Use them as is, or customize them to fit your needs and workflow.

Simple and Intuitive

Add Your Client and Prospect Accounts

Creating new accounts is super easy. You can import them using one of our integrations, or create them using only a client name and email address.

One-Click Engagements

Engage Your Clients and Prospects

It’s as simple as sending an email. PreciseFP engagements are secure, pre-filled, and the data is validated and saved in real-time. Your clients can open them in any device and as many times as they need to.

We Play Well with Others

Review and Export Data

Once your client is done, PreciseFP will notify you to review and export the data to your CRM or financial planning tool choice. Each submission is safely stored in PreciseFP, making it easy to go back in time and see what was added or changed.

Streamlined Experience

Circle Back for a Hassle-Free Review

When it’s time to collect and review more data, just engage your client again. We pre-fill it with the latest data available so there’s less work for your client.

Level Up Your Financial Advising Game

Understand what makes your clients comfortable (or uncomfortable) with financial risks with our how-to guide.