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“A faster, easier, and more secure data gathering experience.”

Built by advisors, for advisors

For us, data gathering was never an afterthought. We’ve been improving on it for the past 12 years and we’re honored to be one of the first experiences your clients will share with you.

Saving you both time and money

By automating the data-gathering process and integrating with your CRM and financial planning tools, we drastically reduce the cost of building a financial plan.

“40% of the cost of a financial plan is attributed to data gathering.”

“Around 30% of standard account applications are NIGO.”

(Not In Good Order)

Reduce NIGO by validating data before it’s submitted

We make sure your clients provide complete information and we point out errors along the way so that they can address them right then and there, making it less likely for you to encounter any NIGO issues.

Take control of your lead gen efforts

With a couple of clicks, you can easily add our templates to your website, or link them to marketing content. Leads are automatically captured as prospects and with our pipeline automation, you can get a conversation going instantly.

“The average cost for a new lead generated online is $55.”

Excellent support service

Our response time is under 2 minutes and 95% of our customers rate our support service “great” or “amazing”.

As always… just awesome!

Jack L.

I love the step by step video!

Kim A.

Great customer service, thanks!

Bart S.

Quick response with all the information I needed to move forward. Great!

Doug T.

Speedy response, insightful guidance, awesome problem solving skills.

Wan M.

Always prompt with replies providing good advice!

Darryl S.

Our clients

Thousands of financial professionals use PreciseFP to handle their data-gathering needs every day.

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