Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem. Their pioneering use of cloud computing has revolutionised the way enterprise software is delivered and used, changing the industry forever.
With our integration partner, Salesforce, you can send information and also receive information into your PreciseFP account.


How the integration works?

To turn on this integration (only needs to be done once in PreciseFP, you do not need to set up the integration in Salesforce) go to Settings on the left side navigation. You should then be on the Integrations tab.

Click on the enable button on the Salesforce box. You will then be prompted to enter in your Salesforce credentials.

How do you export files?

Go to a client/prospects record. Click on the Export button from the top navigation. From the drop down list choose Salesforce.

Next you will have the option to sync this client with an existing client if one exists in Salesforce or you can create a brand new record. After you’ve made your choice click on the Export button.

There will be a brief waiting period while the information is exported. Once complete you should see a notice that the client’s data has been successfully exported.

You will now see a record for this client/propsect in Salesforce if they were a brand new record or an update if they already existed in Salesforce.

How do you import files?

Click on clients on the left side navigation then click on the Import button from the top navigation. Choose Salesforce from the drop down menu.

You will now want to search for a client by last name in Salesforce in the Import pop-up window.

Once you enter in your clients last name you should see them appear in the list below. Click on radio button to the left of their name then click on the Import button.

After a brief waiting period you’ll see a prompt showing you the successful areas that were imported into PreciseFP. Click on the close button to be taken into the clients newly imported record into PreciseFP.

Note: Our integration is currently only with Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited Editions only. Make sure to click on the Important Information button to the left of the enable/disable button.