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Thousands of financial professionals use PreciseFP to efficiently and securely handle their data-gathering needs every day.


Sloan Walters AFC

Blakely Walters Wealth Management


Aaron Williams CFP

Market Street Wealth Management


Michael Tannery CPA

Tannery & Company Wealth Management

Nate Baim

Pursuit Planning and Investments, LLC

PreciseFP’s technology allows me to create a unique and valuable experience for my clients while keeping my practice operating efficiently. My clients appreciate that I can provide a unique, white-glove experience. I could only offer such support to my clients because of the scalability and flexibility of Precise FP’s offering.

Robert Mendenall

The College Funding Center of SC, LLC

PreciseFP significantly reduces the time I need to spend preparing for an initial meeting! It is well worth the money!

Brian Lahr

One Life Financial Group, Inc

PreciseFP allows our team to save time and customize the client experience with ease. Their service and response time always exceed expectations when we have a question or need some guidance.

Carol Worsham

Abound Wealth Management

PreciseFP is a secure, user-friendly way to gather all kinds of pertinent information and data from prospects and new clients.

David J. O’Brien, MBA, CFP®


Our firm was prepared to work from home in part because we had implemented PreciseFP for the forms we use with our clients. But the main reason for using PreciseFP was to provide a simple and modern client experience. Thanks to PreciseFP, prospective and current clients are able to interact with our forms on their terms, on their time from any device.

Jim Frazin

Communitas Financial Planning PBC

We have been using PreciseFP for over a decade. The team there has continually improved and upgraded the value of the product while keeping the price reasonable. We love its interoperability with the other software we use. That has made it indispensable.

Mark Shone

Shone Asset Management

PreciseFP has enhanced our client experience by reducing the friction of the planning and onboarding process.

Luke Baumgarten

Harvest Investment Services

PreciseFP has completely changed the way we do business as a firm. We use this system for a number of different processes that has helped create efficiency’s and innovation within our firm. The support from the PreciseFP team is top notch and always taking on new ideas and trying to implement them as quick as possible. We have used this system to help onboard new 401k’s for plan sponsors and participants and have successfully completed an automated process to track and migrate $40 million of assets in less than a month to TD Ameritrade Institutional. I have yet to have a bad experience with this company and will say, this is a must have system for firms that want to create a memorable client experience that resonates.

Kris Venne

Ritholz Wealth

PreciseFP is a HUGE time saver for our advisors.