FREE: RTQ + IPS + e-Signature

FREE: RTQ + IPS + e-Signature

Most advisors use PreciseFP to lessen the burden of data-gathering. It makes engaging with clients easier and gets the advisor out of the data-entry business since data flows to their CRM and financial planning tools.

But what you may be surprised to learn is that PreciseFP can replace many of the tools you may already be paying for. Did you know that PreciseFP offers these add-ons, free of charge:

  • Scientifically-validated Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ)
  • 100% Customizable Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • e-Signature (that can be used in any document, including your service agreement)
  • 100% Customizable Client Survey (no need to monkey around w/ other survey tools)
  • Lead Generation via Freemiums and Gamification
  • Custodial Form Filling
  • 100% Customizable PDF Mapping (map any fillable PDF)
  • Automation via Configurable Pipelines
  • Compliance via an air-tight Audit Trail and Data Quality Score
  • The World’s Most Sophisticated Template Editor (that lets you create content and client experiences that are unique to your firm)
  • And (as the cliché goes): So. Much. More.

And we don’t charge for any of those “extras” that you get with your subscription.

While being referred to as the leading data-gathering solution is flattering to us, it’s only a fraction of what our platform does. If you missed a recent webinar by fellow advisor Michael Whitman entitled “Providing a Customer Journey Where Things Don’t Fall Through the Cracks“, you’ll want to check it out. Michael shows how he not only has created a repeatable, mostly automated onboarding workflow within PreciseFP, he gives an amazing takeaway on how to win new business via strategic alliance partners. That portion alone is reason enough to watch the webinar. Especially if you are looking to win new business.

Watch Michael Whitman Webinar

So there you have it. You get more than just a data-gathering tool with PreciseFP. I hope you’ll take the time to do a deeper dive into our platform. I promise the things you discover will save you time and money, help win more business, and provide the ultimate engagement experience for prospects and clients.

Don Whalen, CFP, CEO

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