3 New (FREE) Templates Added!

3 New (FREE) Templates Added!

We’re excited to announce the addition of three new templates that were requested by advisors. You can copy them from our Forms Library into your My Templates and use them as-is, or customize them to suit your needs.

Template #1: FREE Investment Portfolio Review

What we like about this new template is it not only attracts new leads, it actually QUALIFIES them for you based on income and/or investable assets. You’ll want to configure it to fit your firm’s needs, but it’s a powerful, ready-to-go lead magnet/qualifier for sure.

Template #2: 2022 Tax Filing Organizer

If you offer tax preparation services, or are thinking about adding them to your offering, this template will be of interest. With this template, you can not only gather all the data needed to prepare client taxes, clients also have a simple and easy way to share supporting documents (W2s, 1099s, etc) right within the PreciseFP engagement via PreciseFP’s upload feature. And the coolest thing about this template is it allows you, the advisor, to pre-configure the sections that are visible to the client, so that every engagement is truly tailored to your client’s needs.

Template #3: Vacation Budget Planning

Vacations are awesome. It’s when it comes time to pay the credit card bill that makes the post vacation blues even bluer. This simple vacation budget planner lets your client set a budget and then plan for every day of their vacation. The planner tells them if they’ve gone over budget and lets them make adjustments as needed. Summer is coming! This planner could help a lot of folks stay on track and avoid overspending!

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