PreciseFP Launches v6.0, Empowering Advisors to Engage Clients Remotely

[Press Release] – PreciseFP Launches v6.0, Empowering Advisors to Engage Clients Remotely with Greater Onboarding Automation

ALPHARETTA, Ga, July 25, 2021 – PreciseFP, a client engagement and onboarding tool, announces its v6.0 release, building on its popular platform used by thousands of financial advisors who seek more efficient, pandemic-proof advisory practices to serve today’s consumer of financial services.

Adding to the plethora of client-facing features already available on its platform, PreciseFP’s v6.0 gives advisors the ability to easily map and send fillable PDFs to clients for e-signature. Previously, advisors had to create and send one engagement per PDF. With v6.0, clients can receive multiple PDFs in one engagement, reducing the number of times clients are prompted to fill and e-sign documents. Now, advisors can send and receive multiple account applications in one go. Also new to v6.0 is the ability to have multiple signers, in addition to the client and co-client, including such individuals as trustees, beneficiaires, and even the advisor and staff. The task of obtaining e-signatures is further streamlined thanks to v6.0’s signature routing feature that automatically and intelligently fetches signatures from signees, with the advisor being alerted once documents are signed and completed.

“We’re excited to bring our enhanced e-signature functionality to advisors. Whether it’s filling custodial forms or advisory agreements, no other e-signature solution allows advisors to leverage the deep PreciseFP dataset that was made specifically for the financial services industry. PDFs can be easily pre-filled so that your clients have nothing more to do than apply their e-signature, and be done. And since our solution was built around the way advisors work with their clients, we have a truly unique and compelling offering for advisory firms around the globe,” said Don Whalen, CFP®, CEO at PreciseFP.

Also included in the v6.0 release are the improved Form and PDF template editors.. Upgrades to the editors include giving advisors more control over themes and branding, allowing their forms to match the look and feel of their website. A new PDF library is also part of the release, as well as an expanded forms library. With more content, advisors can save time by picking the form they want, customizing it to their needs, and immediately start using it with clients and prospects.

PreciseFP v6.0 will be in beta until September 1st, 2021. Users can access the new version or remain on the current version until the beta testing period is over, at which time all PreciseFP users will be automatically added to the new version.

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