PreciseFP Announces Integration with Schwab Advisor Services

[Press Release] – PreciseFP Announces Integration with Schwab Advisor Services’ Digital Onboarding

ALPHARETTA, Ga, September 28, 2021 – PreciseFP, a client engagement and onboarding platform, announced today its integration with Schwab Advisor Services’ new digital onboarding capabilities in Schwab Advisor Center® (SAC). With this new integration, advisors can autofill client information gathered via PreciseFP directly into Schwab’s account onboarding tool, which delivers a fully digital experience from account open to account setup and funding.

PreciseFP integrates with leading technology providers servicing the financial services sector to increase efficiencies at the advisor firm level while providing a better overall engagement experience for their clients. Working with PreciseFP, advisors can customize their client data gathering, making the experience unique to their firm and one that recognizes the individual needs of each client. End-clients can quickly provide information needed to carry out the onboarding process by using PreciseFP online forms that are pre-filled, user friendly and that work on the client’s preferred devices.

“Now advisors have another way to share client data with Schwab,” said Don Whalen, CEO of PreciseFP. “Advisors can send client data directly to Schwab via API thanks to our new integration. Both solutions dramatically reduce errors and delays and give clients the experience they have come to expect,” said Whalen. 

“This integration is exciting news for advisors who understand that technology can be both a powerful driver for operational effectiveness and a differentiating factor for the client experience,” said Kartik Srinivasan, director, third-party integrations, Digital Advisor Solutions. “PreciseFP enhances the power of Schwab’s new digital onboarding capabilities by maximizing the potential of the data being used at the front-end of the tool which translates into a bespoke fully digital and efficient client experience.”

Advisors who custody with Schwab and who subscribe to PreciseFP can enable the new integration from within PreciseFP. Advisors can either send data to Schwab via the new API integration or can continue to use PreciseFP’s library of Schwab forms to automatically fill PDFs that get sent out for e-signature. Both onboarding solutions are provided at no additional cost.

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