PreciseFP Unveils Version 5.0 at XYPN 2018

PreciseFP Unveils Version 5.0 at XYPN 2018 in St. Louis, MO

ALPHARETTA, Ga, September 25, 2018 – PreciseFP, a data management platform that helps financial professionals go paperless, automate data gathering for easy client onboarding, and win new clients with digital lead generation, unveils version 5.0 of its online platform at the 2018 XYPNLIVE conference in St. Louis, MO.

With PreciseFP 5.0, financial advisors and insurance professionals create custom engagements that gather data and engage clients based on their unique needs. Clients spend less time in the tedious process of completing generic forms and questionnaires, thanks to PreciseFP engagements that are prefilled with data from CRM and financial planning applications.

Because PreciseFP engagements are customized and contain only content that is relevant to their unique situation, clients are more engaged than with other “cookie cutter” systems. This results in clients providing more complete financial profiles and becoming more engaged with every invitation from their advisor. To date, over 50,000 clients of financial advisors have used PreciseFP to be digitally onboarded,  to build their financial profile, and to stay engaged throughout the year.

Among the enhancements in 5.0 is a new streamlined interface, making the application easier to navigate so that users can easily find what they are looking for. By highlighting the most used features of PreciseFP, while allowing advanced users to reveal additional features and settings as-needed, ease of use is drastically improved in this release.

Another feature introduced in 5.0 is Pipelines. Don Whalen, CFP® and CEO said, “Pipelines are advanced workflows triggered by client interactions with the system and actions (or inactions) taken by either the client or the firm’s staff.” Advisors and staff no longer have to worry about things falling through the cracks or stalling because of a lack of follow-through. “There are a lot of RTQs, IPS’, client profile forms, e-signable agreements, etc, out there. PreciseFP 5.0 lets you put them in a workflow where things are moved along the Pipeline, along a predefined path. This feature will revolutionize the way clients are on-boarded and moved through the customer lifecycle in a systematized fashion that will result in improved firm efficiency, enhanced compliance, and truly unique client experiences. Everyone talks about making their customer journey unique. With 5.0, advisors can finally make that a reality.”, Whalen said.

5.0 also sees the addition of a Data Quality Meter, which lets the advisor and firm know that KYC and other requirements are being met on a client-by-client basis. And, when clients receive failing grades, the system highlights the areas where to best address those deficiencies.

The advanced Template Editor received a makeover with this release as well. In 5.0, more control is given to the advisor and staff to define more themes, select from more colors, and maintain greater control over fields and other objects found within their custom templates.

There are many other enhancements in this release that demonstrate PreciseFP’s commitment to advisors and the financial services industry. This year marks PreciseFP’s 12th year of empowering financial advisors to offer the best in client-facing technology that also allows advisors to customize their offering, further differentiating themselves from the competition, including robo offerings.

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