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Engage Clients with Tax Planning through PreciseFP and Holistiplan

Many offices face a challenge in meeting their clients’ growing demand for tax planning. In a recent survey, a staggering 92% of investors expressed their desire for tax planning advice from their advisors, yet only a mere 25% of these clients are receiving such crucial services.

The demand for advisors who can navigate the complexities of taxes and offer personalized, relevant advice has never been higher. However, integrating tax planning into an already busy service model can feel overwhelming, given the ever-evolving landscape of tax regulations.

Enter Holistiplan and PreciseFP—a collaboration that can streamline tax planning for advisors. This collaboration empowers advisors to analyze their clients’ tax returns effortlessly and deliver customized recommendations without the need to memorize the intricate details of the tax code.

Effective tax management isn’t a once-a-year task confined to March and April—it’s a year-round commitment. Successful advisors understand the importance of early engagement, building strong client connections, and staying proactive in tax planning throughout the year. By adopting this approach, advisors can identify opportunities for increased investments, help clients reach their financial goals, and alleviate last-minute tax stress.

Easily Collect Tax Forms with PreciseFP

Many advisors use PreciseFP’s leading data collection services for tracking prospects and onboarding clients, but it’s also a valuable tool for gathering tax information.

All an advisor needs to start with tax planning is a client’s 1040 form from the previous year, which summarizes the client’s income and deductions. Using PreciseFP’s library of customizable forms, advisors can select a 1040 collection form, personalize it with their branding and information, and then send it to clients individually or all their clients at once to collect tax information quickly and easily.

As soon as a client shares their tax form, the advisor gets a notification and can rest assured that the tax information is accurate and clean because clients uploaded it themselves. Instead of scouring for personal information and sorting through tax returns, PreciseFP, the award-winning client engagement and data gathering platform from Docupace, simplifies the data-gathering process to give advisors the exact information they need and start the tax planning process.

Personalized Tax Reports through Holistiplan

Once a client has shared their 1040 form with their advisor and PreciseFP, the advisor can sync with Holistiplan to generate fast, accurate tax analysis reports. Within just 45 seconds, advisors have a tax report customized for each client that breaks down important numbers, including the client’s itemized deductions, income, accounts, and more. With detailed line items, advisors can quickly understand where their client fits in the tax bracket and find opportunities for tax savings.

But Holistiplan goes even further with its scenario analysis tool to help advisors work through various outcomes and see the tax impact for clients. Suppose an advisor wants to work through a Roth conversion. In that case, scenario analysis automatically sorts through possibilities to help advisors and clients visualize their money, see projections, and know how clients can make the most of their money without throwing their taxes out of whack. That fast and personalized service goes a long way with clients to provide excellent results and work through the stress of tax planning.

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