5 Things You Need To Know About PreciseFP

5 Things You Need To Know About PreciseFP

  • Reduces the cost of creating a financial plan by 40% or more.

Anybody who uses financial planning software integrated with PreciseFP will shave 40% or more off the time spent developing a financial plan.  If it usually takes 5 hours, that means we just saved you 2 hours! If you are paid $300/hr, that’s a savings of $600. If you use a CRM that we integrate with: our estimation is that it takes at least an hour to enter data into a CRM. If we use the $300/hr example, that’s another $300 saved!  In summary, we save $900 per client per advisor for those using PreciseFP in conjunction with their CRM and Financial Planning software.  If the advisor services 100 clients per year, that’s 100 x $900 = $90,000!

  • Increases client engagement and willingness to go through the financial planning process.

With easy to use, attractive forms, your clients will effortlessly fill out your forms, and in less time. As a result, client resistance to providing data is lowered, which means more clients benefiting from your financial planning.  Yearly reviews are also a breeze using PreciseFP since you can easily send your client a pre-filled form, making even less work for your client and further lowering the resistance to providing data.

  • Engages more prospects with a “robo-like” experience.

More and more advisors are using PreciseFP as an engagement tool by placing links to their forms in places where prospects tend to be, such as: social media sites, LinkedIN pages, and on advisor websites.  Prospects are able to “self serve” by creating an initial password and going through the data-gathering process without needing any assistance. Still using pdfs, Word docs, or other antiquated means of gathering data? It’s time your firm caught up to the “robo revolution”.

  • Engages clients with targeted subjects, surveys and more.

With forms being the heart and soul of PreciseFP, we allow you to create an unlimited amount of forms, while also helping you get started by providing you with an extensive forms library.  From day one as a PreciseFP user, you can easily edit any of the premade forms or create your own specific forms such as a Discovery Meeting form, a Yearly Tax Planning form, an Estate Planning Review form, or even a Comprehensive Financial Planning form.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to form customization!

  • Helps advisors to Know Their Client and maintain better compliance.

Getting to know your clients has never been easier.  Gather as much or as little information as you need through your forms.  Tracking who entered what and when is a key focus of PreciseFP.  Whether it’s a client that changed data, or one of your staff members, we keep track of it and allow you to create an audit trail.  This may seem trivial, but in the litigious and highly regulated industry in which they work, advisors appreciate the fact that we take seemingly insignificant things seriously.


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