2021 Wealth Management Industry Awards winner for Client Onboarding/New Account Opening.

2021 Wealth Management Industry Awards winner for Client Onboarding/New Account Opening.

PreciseFP recently accomplished an outstanding achievement with its recognition by the industry as the number one platform for Client Onboarding and New Account Opening. Years of dedication and the mindset of always putting the needs of advisors and their clients first have paid off. We have been continuously building and enhancing the platform based on feedback gathered from advisors, into an invaluable must-have tool for advisory firms of all sizes.

PreciseFP is a platform with the ability to engage prospects/clients and gather data in a customized and personalized way. Our goal for the platform was to give advisors the option to create forms/engagements without the need for IT to get involved. We made this a reality with our “NO CODE” form editor and client journey creator. Another top priority was to share the collected data with tools that advisors already use. It only made sense to have an amazing client-facing platform where advisors are able to effortlessly share data with CRMs and Financial Planning software. Once we achieved this, the next logical step was to seamlessly fill and digitally sign PDFs. This was accomplished by building a PDF mapper.

We didn’t stop there, PreciseFP also gives advisors the ability to build digital envelopes so they can send these pre-filled PDFs to their clients. We worked extensively with custodians to connect the data collected directly to their back-end system. The journey so far has been an amazing experience for us, we have many great clients, partners, and advocates of our platform. We never imagined all the capabilities our platform would have when we first started, and we plan on continuing to stay on top of trends and keep adapting and enhancing. One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to providing advisors with everything they need in ONE tool, allowing them to engage and onboard their clients in the most precise way possible.

The future of digital client onboarding and data gathering is here, it’s time to see for yourself why we’re the number one platform to get this important task done right.

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