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Skillfully Assessing Client Risk Tolerance: A How-to Guide

Creating a solid financial plan is like customizing a suit—it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. A huge part of building the right plan for a client is figuring out how comfortable that person is with taking financial risks. 

But here’s the thing: Everybody’s different. And it’s usually really personal experiences, feelings, and mindsets at play when we’re talking about comfort with risk. That means the conversation about risk isn’t just crunching numbers. It’s digging into what they want out of life, what worries them, and how they feel about money. 

Figuring out someone’s risk tolerance takes a mix of skills, empathy, and the right tools.

Learn all about risk tolerance and the skills needed to assess it well in our whitepaper. Plus you’ll learn about PreciseFP’s innovative tool for streamlining these all-important risk tolerance conversations.

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