A Better Financial Advisor Transition Journey

A Better Financial Advisor Transition Journey 

Experience an Effortless client + advisor experience.

PreciseFP is a digital platform that helps broker-dealers and transitioning advisors by fully orchestrating the gathering of client data and client consent.  Gathered data can be used to fill custodial Account Opening forms or can be transferred to broker-dealer back-end systems via API for further processing. 

Client data is not accessible by the broker-dealer until client consent is provided and stored.  The PreciseFP Advisory Transition Journey is fully compliant with FINRA rules and SEC regulations surrounding the transitioning advisor.

The Transition Journey, in a nutshell

A streamlined experience

Customize your transitioning forms and workflow

We provide you with a library of professional, advisor-built templates and combine them with electronic signature functionality. You can use our templates as-is, or customize them to fit your transitioning needs and workflow. Deploy them to your transitioning advisor accounts for a consistent, effortless advisor/client experience.

Simple and intuitive

Transitioning Advisor client’s data

The transitioning advisor is provided with a PreciseFP account that is not accessible by the onboarding Broker-Dealer. Once the advisor account is set up, it is used to onboard clients that are ready to be transitioned and that have provided consent via a PreciseFP Engagement.

One-click from Engagements

Engaging clients is effortless.

In order to have the client’s full and timely cooperation, the consent and data collection approach shouldn’t be overwhelming. Client form Engagements are digital, advisor-guided,  secure, and pre-filled with data from the advisor’s CRM or financial planning tool. Transitioning advisor clients can open PreciseFP Engagements on any device.

We play well with others

Data Review and export

The advisor is notified once the client has submitted the client Engagement and given consent. The data is ready to be reviewed and exported to the broker-dealer’s backend system.

Open and transfer accounts faster

Automatically fill any Custodial PDF with client data

PreciseFP lets broker-dealers upload any PDF form to the advisor’s account. One or multiple PDFs can be filled at the same time with client information.  Forms can also be sent to the client as a package for electronic signature. When included in the same  transition step, this feature allows Broker-Dealers to fill forms and open accounts much quicker.

Our clients

Thousands of financial professionals use PreciseFP to handle their data-gathering needs every day.

Level Up Your Financial Advising Game

Understand what makes your clients comfortable (or uncomfortable) with financial risks with our how-to guide.