We believe in empowering human fiduciaries through deeper client engagement and a more holistic understanding of clients' wants, needs, and desires.
Data Gathering

Client Profile

Your time is precious. That’s why we created an easy-to-use client profile where you can track all activities and operations, neatly organized in a timeline. Client data is stored in easy-to-read, customizable sections that even allow you to track each field’s revision history.

Upload & Store Documents

Document upload widgets allow you to collect copies of driver’s licenses, account statements, insurance policies, estate planning documents, and more. There is no need to make separate requests for these important documents. By placing upload widgets directly within your forms, clients can securely attach the supporting documents you need.

Import & Export

Data flows to and from PreciseFP in many different ways. You can import data from your CRM, so that forms presented to your client are pre-filled (clients will love you for this effortless gesture on your part!).

When clients update their data within a PreciseFP form, their client profile can be exported back to your CRM, and to your financial planning software, so that you are working with the most current snapshot of your client’s financial information (plus, no need to enter the same data over and over, and in different places!).

Lead Generation

PreciseFP includes the necessary tools to increase your lead-to-client conversion rate. You are able to engage your clients and visitors on segmented topics to determine if the lead is a good fit for your firm. Captured leads are created automatically as prospects within PreciseFP and all data collected through the engagement form is securely stored in a new prospect profile.


Email, Share & Publish

With PreciseFP, it’s easy to make engagements accessible to your clients. Whether via email, shareable link, or publishing the template on your website, you can rest assured that the right engagement will be delivered to the right client. PreciseFP’s publishing feature allows you to fine tune your lead generation templates — even after they are live on your website (no technical knowledge required)!

Pre-filled Engagements

Your clients don’t like working on blank document. They want a little help. Pull data in from your CRM and avoid unnecessary manual data entry. You want to lower the resistance that clients and prospects would otherwise experience in providing you with an update on their financial situation. By sending an engagement that is pre-filled with data that your client already provided, he/she can review the data, make changes where necessary and… be done!

Progress Tracking

When clients are filing out your engagements, their data is stored in real-time, which means you can access that information as soon as they enter it. This makes live advisor-client collaboration a breeze.

Also, to help you see which fields were changed due to a submission, PreciseFP highlights the fields that your client updated. No need to try and figure out what changed in your client’s profile — we tell you exactly what changed (and what it changed from).

Engagement Performance

PreciseFP tracks the time your clients and prospects spend on each engagement page. This allows you to tweak your templates in order to increase their performance by reducing the amount of time clients spend filling them out.

Email & In-app Notifications

PreciseFP offers a robust notification system. You, the advisor, are in control of what actions trigger email alerts sent to you. Managers and office assistants may choose to be notified of the activities done by advisors, other assistants, and, of course, clients and prospects. In-app notifications provide you with real-time alerts when you are logged into the system.


Template Library

We provide a large, expanding library of templates created by financial professionals that are ready to be used within your firm, right “out of the box”. Use the templates as-is, or customize them to your needs. Either way, you’ll find templates covering a multitude of topics that will allow you to engage clients and prospects like never before.

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Electronic Signatures

PreciseFP lets you include e-signature fields so that your clients can electronically sign engagements. Never again ask your clients to print, sign, scan and return documents that you need signed. With e-signatures, you can create advisory agreements, letters of authorization, and other advisory-related documents and send them pre-filled for your clients to sign.

Template Editor

PreciseFP comes with a state-of-the-art template editor that is both powerful and easy-to-use. It allows you to create pages with custom fields, images, or even embedded videos, right within your template. To simplify and speed up the form creation process, you can copy forms, form pages, elements, and fields from other templates. You can preview your templates on different screen sizes such as a mobile phone, tablet or desktop to make sure your template will look fantastic on any device!

20+ Different Form Fields & Elements

To ensure you have full flexibility when designing your custom templates, we’ve included over 20 different field types and elements. From a simple text field to a complex calculation, you will be able to request any type of information from your clients and/or prospects. Our elements allow you to enrich your templates with text, images, documents and even embedded videos.

Customizable Email Messages

Fully customizable email templates allow for further automation. Clients are sent an email containing the link to their engagement, reminder emails, and a follow-up email when they submit their engagement to you. This latter email can contain additional instructions and/or set expectations for next steps. Lest we forget, email templates allow for the use of macros so that your messaging is personalized for each client/prospect.



We go to great lengths to secure your clients’ data. Data encryption is just one of the many important measures we take. First, our server base is not openly accessible to the outside world. To gain access, we (internally) need to go through a number of servers with multiple security layers. Second, we encrypt any attachments that your clients send along with their forms. Third, Encrypted data is not visible when sent to clients in pre-filled forms. A form is filled with client data only after the client enters the required credentials.

Customizable Encryption Layer For Sensitive Data

Most advisors will agree that a social security number is probably the most sensitive piece of data that clients entrust them with. So why not encrypt that field and any other fields that contain sensitive data? It’s easy to do with encrypted PreciseFP fields and it provides an additional layer of protection.

Two Factor Authentication

PreciseFP provides Two Factor Authentication for User Accounts. Before access is granted to PreciseFP, the security PIN is sent to your mobile phone and you are required to input it right after your password. This extra step greatly increases the security of all the data within your account.

Full Activity Tracking

Compliance is an increasingly important area as it relates to your clients’ data. PreciseFP tracks who changed client data – whether it was you or a staff member, or your client. This lowers the risk of litigation and/or corrective actions since you, the advisor, are able to prove what your client said and when he said it. And it allows you to prove that you did what was in the client’s best interest.