PreciseFP Rivals Billion-Dollar Workstations

PreciseFP Rivals Billion-Dollar Workstations

In a recent article published in Forbes, Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning describes how she set up her financial advisory business, making use of advanced fintech like PreciseFP. For about $5,000, Bera was able to create a tech stack that rivals those of major brokerages.  Michael Kitces of Nerd’s Eye View recently wrote: “… the cost of what it takes to operate an advisory firm today compared to 20 years ago has been reduced tremendously, due to technology,”.

Bera uses PreciseFP to engage with clients by sending them secure questionnaires. PreciseFP allows advisors to create custom engagement pieces or use ready-made content from its Template Library.. Collected data can then be shared with other applications, such as financial planning and CRM software.

The full article can be found here.

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