eMoney and PreciseFP Integration deployed!

eMoney and PreciseFP Integration deployed!

We are pleased to announce the much anticipated release of our eMoney integration. This integration reduces the amount of time it takes to create a financial plan using the popular eMoney Advisor software.

Advisors who use eMoney will now be able to easily capture client-provided data using forms from the PreciseFP library or via custom forms that advisors create themselves with PreciseFP’s powerful form-building tools.

PreciseFP provides clients and prospects a hassle-free way to create a financial profile that their advisors can then export to their CRM and financial planning applications. The experience is the best that it can be, allowing clients and prospects to complete their financial profile in less time. Plus, forms can be worked on when and where clients want to thanks to PreciseFP’s support of mobile devices.

By using PreciseFP, advisors are able to get out of the data entry business altogether. PreciseFP is the only non-proprietary forms solution that was built, from the ground up, to facilitate the way advisors work with clients and prospects. Being non-proprietary also means that data captured via PreciseFP can be shared with other applications, increasing advisors’ freedom in being able to choose (and switch to) best-of-breed software solutions at any time.

PreciseFP’s integration with eMoney, one of the leading financial planning applications used by advisors, came about after many advisors requesting the integration.

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