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Tackle Data Gathering Differently. Engage Your Clients with PreciseFP.

PreciseFP empowers financial advisors to engage clients effortlessly, eradicating manual data entry, and enhancing day-to-day operations efficiency so that they can provide top-tier customer service, easily.

From risk tolerance assessment and workflow automation to KYC compliance and client data transfer, this suite of financial advisor tools equips firms with immediate scale so they can evaluate prospective clients swiftly, onboard new clients easily, engage existing clients routinely, and keep customer profiles up to date—across all their tools—with ease.

PreciseFP frees advisors up to focus on the business that matters: their clients, their relationships, and the financial strategies that win.

Hassle-Free Data Gathering

Your Client’s Data, Where You Need It

Engaging your clients and capturing their information is as simple as sending an email. Once they’re done, exporting their data to your CRM or Financial Planning tool can be done with the click of a button.

Flexible and Customizable

Configurable to Fit Your Needs and Workflow

Each client is unique and you need the flexibility to handle any situation: from the simple, to the not-so-simple. Create your own engagement templates and customize your client’s experience as you see fit.

Complete Package

Works Well with the Tools You Need, Replaces the Tools You Don’t

Saving you both time and money is one of our major goals. That’s why we partner or integrate with your most frequently used tools and provide features to replace services you seldom use.

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