December 13, 2017

We are excited to announce PreciseFP’s latest product enhancement.We made a number of enhancements with this latest deployment. Among those most noteworthy are:

  • Mandatory e-signatures:  You already knew that PreciseFP allows you to include e-signatures as part of your templates. Gone are the days of sending PDFs or (perish the thought!) paper, where you clients had to be bothered with all of the inconveniences of applying hand-written signatures to documents that you then had to get back in your possession. With e-signatures, your clients can securely apply their signatures to your advisory agreement, IPS, or whatever legally-binding document you use within your firm. And they can do it on any device, at any time, anywhere.
  • “Read-only” Dataset Fields:  Why should you care? Let’s say that you want to use a template more like a report (and less like an intake form). You may want to display data – whether stored only within PreciseFP, or pulled from an outside source – for your client to see, but not be able to modify. You could always do that with Form Fields. Now, you can do it with your Dataset fields too!

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