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PreciseFP makes it easy. Getting data from your clients and prospects in a timely and error-free fashion can be challenging. PreciseFP makes it easy. Complying with the “Know Your Customer” rule has never been easier. This complete data-gathering platform streamlines the process within your firm. The result? Less hassle, increased client participation, and an intelligent system that actually analyzes client data and provides actionable feedback to you the advisor.

Amazing Feature

  • Systematizes my client data collection process!

  • Eliminates the need for paper questionnaires!

  • Intuitive & fully customizable for EVERY advisor!

  • Greatly increases client data accuracy!

  • Improves productivity and efficiency!

  • Greatly accelerates the data collection process!

  • Pays for itself by time saved with one client!

  • Secure, user-friendly client-facing interface!

  • Ability to export data to leading applications!

  • Eliminates data entry!

  • Great cost reduction for my practice!

  • Helped grow my practice!

  • Engages clients at a higher level!

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