PreciseFP has the unique ability to generate prospects for you from different channels.

Our publishing feature allows you to create different calls to action,​ such as​​:​



Scrolling Bar – based on our real-life trials with dozens of advisor websites, we have discovered that this feature has the biggest conversion rate.  You can promote the engagement on any of your website pages ​on​ any given topic.​​  For example​,​ if the core of your business is retirement planning, you could ​create a published form called ​”12 Biggest Pitfalls​ to Avoid in Retirement​: Click for the FREE Guide”.  Anyone who clicks on the link will be a quality lead as they engaged on​ a​ specific topic​, a topic that you are well versed in​.  Do not let visitors turn into ​”​ghost​”​ visitors​ who touch on your website and disappear without a trace​. Instead, engage them on your website and turn them into clients.​


Some other forms of engagement available within PreciseFP:

Email – send ​an ​email directly to your prospects and client​s​ for ​a ​service up-sale. ​Choose one of our​ specific forms right from ​the ​PreciseFP​ forms library​ with one clickHere are some examples that can be used in this type of a campaign:

  • Do I Have the Best Credit Card Form
  • ​End of Year Tax Planning​ Form
  • ​Financial Goals Check Up​ Form


Button/Banner/HTML Link – PreciseFP also allows you ​to ​​embed​ Banners, Buttons and HTML link​s​ on to your website. You can customize these any​ ​way you want and promote any service within your website that suites ​your needs and the needs of your clients and prospects​. Full flexibility on engagement and call-to-action is​ right at your fingertips​!

Our publishing feature allows you to create different calls to action,​ such as​​:​


You can use PreciseFP Forms & Videos to promote your services on Twitter and Facebook.  ​Your engaged prospect lands right into your PreciseFP account, at which point you can engage them further via subject-specific forms.  Any data that you have already received from previous forms will then pre-fill into their subsequent forms making less work for you and your client.  PreciseFP & Facebook allow you to build brand awareness and leverage your current brand assets to build trust, and turn existing customers into brand advocates.

Twitter & Facebook Advertising allows you ​r​each out to your customers, ​educate your audience and ​influence their friends​ and family​.  This is one of the best and proven ways to get the customers into PreciseFP and turn them from Prospects into Clients



PreciseFP & Facebook/Twitter help you ​to ​drive specific actions, such as:

  • Acquire new customers that will land right into PreciseFP
  • Up-sell current customers with other services ​


Need ​assistance​ in​ getting a lead generation campaign running? View our previous webinar here <insert link here>.   If you need further assistance, speak with a member of our support team to setup your PreciseFP campaign today!