Top 5 Webinars of All Time

We’ve been offering advisors webinars since we started, in 2007. Since that time, they have only grown in popularity. In fact, it’s rare that we see registrations of less than 100 attendees for a given webinar. And now that advisors are turning to us as a solution to easily engage clients who would otherwise come into their offices (but can’t), interest in PreciseFP – and our webinars – continues to grow.

I thought that this week I would give you our top 5 webinars of all time. We recorded them for you so, if you missed them, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Advisor’s Survival Guide to Working Remotely. Clients are unable to meet with advisors. Advisors are unable to go to the office to meet with staff. Who could have guessed this would happen? One thing is for sure: clients won’t be (physically) meeting with advisors any time soon. During this webinar, you’ll hear from Nate Baim. Nate has his own advisory practice and has been engaging clients virtually long before the coronavirus outbreak. One way he does this is by sending them personalized videos, sometimes explaining complex concepts that relate to his clients’ situations. He has had amazing results and terrific feedback from clients. And now that he’s working remotely, Nate’s approach not only saves him time, it allows Nate to engage clients virtually at a time when his clients want to hear from him the most. You can see how Nate uses PreciseFP in this leading-edge client engaging approach here.
  2. Redtail / WealthBox. These two partner integration webinars are always well-attended. It turns out that advisors have better things to do than manual data entry into their CRM. And as luck would have it, there is another Redtail webinar tomorrow. You can sign up for that here. And if it’s Wealthbox you’re interested in, we recently did a webinar with them too, the recording of which can be found here.
  3. Increase Your Revenue by 73%. Hear from a PreciseFP User and Fellow Advisor. Advisor Shanna Tingom AAMS®, CDFA® explains how she has been successfully using PreciseFP in her practice. Shanna will dive into  her process and discuss how spending money on the right technology and taking the time to learn it results in a return of 4 X ROI! Check out the recording here.
  4. Build Your Own Robo. Imagine clients going to your website and engaging with PreciseFP to provide information on the types of accounts they would like to open. Now, imagine PreciseFP filling your custodial forms with that data so that you can present the client with filled forms, ready for e-signature. Robos are all the rage these days. PreciseFP lets you build your own robo experience and avoid the need to sign on with a proprietary robo platform. Check out the recorded webinar here.
  5. Integration Spotlight: XLR8 / Salesforce. Here’s more proof that advisors have better things to do than monkey around with data entry. Our XLR8 webinar was very popular. You can view the recording here. It’s also worth mentioning that our Salesforce Enterprise and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud are very popular. Although we do not have webinar recordings for either of those, the links provided will take you to our Knowledge Base where you can learn more.

Don Whalen, CFP®, CEO

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