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Financial Identities
The most effective, easiest
marketing tool on the market.

"Beware of little expenses;
a small leak will sink a
great ship"

Benjamin Franklin

"Happiness is when what you think,
what you say, and what you do
are in harmony"



Create a "pre-engagement engagement" with prospects who come to your website to check you out. They invest a bit of their time, with a payoff in the form of self-discovery.

The instrument allows these prospects to feel heard and understood, even before they've met you - lowering the barrier to making an appointment.

You learn important information about prospects before they walk in the door. Are they money avoiders and delegators who want you to handle their complicated financial affairs without bothering them with the details? Or do they get a thrill from investing? Are they the type of client who wants to see every detail of your analyses? Are they looking for a financial education from their advisor? Are they lifestyle spenders? Or are they extremely frugal in their habits?

Financial Identities also explores the "hot button" issues that you would want to prioritize when speaking with this prospect in the initial meeting. Is confidentiality and privacy a high priority? Or getting the highest possible return? Or including "interesting" nontraditional investments in the portfolio? Is money primarily regarded as a means to independence?

Bob Veres

How does
it work?

How does it work? You insert a button on the landing page of your website, which invites prospects to take the Financial Identity quiz and find out more about themselves. Financial Identities then automatically raises the percentage of visitors who will make an appointment.

Looking at hypothetical numbers, assume that 500 people will visit your website in the next 12 months, and 10 of them would normally call to schedule an appointment. Let's suppose that the Financial Identities instrument can raise that number very incrementally, to 16.

Also assume that the information you gather through the quiz helps you raise your ability to turn those prospects into clients - say, from 66% to 75%.

The result?

Before, you were talking with 10 people and gaining 6 or 7 new clients a year. With Financial Identities, you're talking with 16 people and gaining 12 new clients in that same year. Multiply the difference (5-6 new clients a year) by the value of a client relationship to your topline revenues, and that's the potential value of adding
Financial Identities to your website.
And remember, it requires no additional work on your
part to achieve these results.

Take the quiz yourself

The Financial Identities instrument gathers data in three dimensions. Its output talks about the different characteristics that the client has self-identified, in positive terms. It is informative, it gives clients some comfort knowing that the advisory firm, even before meeting them, "gets" them, and it provides a rich set of data for the advisor to build on during the initial review meeting.

The output is nonjudgmental and even sympathetic to each prospect's personality, helping them celebrate who they are, and articulating, up-front, some of the important concerns they would have about working with a professional.

Prospects get a sense, at the end of the exercise, that the important, hard-to-communicate things they want the advisory firm to know about them are there, already known, already communicated.



Whether it's your client's smartphone, laptop or tablet, we have also designed the mobile experience of Financial Identities instrument to be smooth and fun. Clients are able to complete Financial Identities quiz on any device at any time.


Please select a plan below. We will set up a personalized call so that we can better understand how you plan to use Financial Identities and give you some suggestions on how to increase traffic to to it. We want you to be as successful as we know you can with Financial Identities.


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