Publishing a PreciseFP Form On-Line – 4.27.15

This article will outline how to publish your on-line form onto your website.

PreciseFP 3.0 has improved web-based prospect forms by providing special javascript code that is inserted, in the form of a button, onto your website. This special button will open your PreciseFP form either as an overlay popup or within a new tab.

Please note that prospect forms are not secure. The purpose of a prospect form is to gather basic, non-sensitive information relating to a prospect so that you can identify the type of prospect you are dealing with. Based on this initial analysis, you will then know which secure form to send to your prospect.

For your convenience, we have provided you with a form “Prospect Questionnaire” that you can use for initial engagements with prospects. This form collects basic information for prospects to automatically create a secure record in PreciseFP. Once the record is created, and a proper security password is established by your prospect, you can start sending secure forms to your prospect/client.

Here are the steps:

1. Login to PreciseFP


2.  Click on FORMS from the left-hand menu.


3.  Select FORMS from the top menu


4. Click on the PUBLISH button located in the corner of form tile.


5. Enter the response message you would like your prospect to see once they submit your on-line form.


6.  When finished, click on the “Submit & Finish (Form HTML)” button.

You will then be prompted to:

  • indicate whether you want your form to open in as a popup (Modal Box) or within new
  • define the button size
  • define the button color


7. Copy the HTML code and place it anywhere within your website.



PreciseFP Button Example

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