[Press Release] – Shareholders Service Group and PreciseFP Launch NIGO-Reducing Digital On-Boarding, Putting Pressure on Competing Custodians - PreciseFP

[Press Release] – Shareholders Service Group and PreciseFP Launch NIGO-Reducing Digital On-Boarding, Putting Pressure on Competing Custodians

ALPHARETTA, Ga, March 4, 2019 – PreciseFP, a client engagement and lead capture tool, as well as a fully customizable forms tool and client financial profile builder, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Shareholders Service Group (SSG).

In a first of its kind completely digital solution, SSG account applications and other forms can now be completed within PreciseFP’s ecosystem. Advisors’ clients are presented with pre-filled PreciseFP Engagements, where they are asked to fill in any missing pieces of information and apply an e-signature, using the device of their choice. No external applications are needed and clients need not deal with cumbersome PDFs or paper.

What makes this solution unique is how PreciseFP’s intelligent platform deals with NIGO (Not in Good Order) issues. The system ensures that required fields are completed and data is validated along the way, so that SSG forms are less likely to be rejected due to incomplete or inaccurate information. “No other solution deals with NIGO quite as effectively,” said Don Whalen, CFP®, CEO of PreciseFP. Whalen added: “Since our solution engages the client directly, we make sure that the client provides complete information and we point out errors along the way so that the client can address them right then and there, rather than waiting for the back office to catch them, which causes unnecessary back-and-forth communications.”

SSG forms within the PreciseFP library also come with the added benefit of built-in logic that allows only sections that are relevant to the client’s situation to be displayed. “The client experience is drastically improved when we hide sections of account applications that don’t apply to their situation. There is absolutely no reason to have clients painfully read over sections of custodial forms that don’t even apply to them. Keeping the experience more guided like this is another contributor to reduced NIGO and it improves the client experience dramatically,” Whalen said.

As custodians and the RIA firms that use them seek to streamline operations in an effort to gain a competitive advantage, SSG has upped the ante in the on-boarding phase of the customer lifecycle. Some studies suggest that as many as 25 – 30% of account applications and other forms are rejected due to NIGO. By addressing NIGO head-on, SSG puts itself and the RIAs it serves on a path to greater efficiency, while providing a better overall experience for the client.

“Advisors working with SSG look to us to assist them with the tools, technology and services that they need to serve their clients while profitably growing their business,” said Dan Skiles, President of SSG. “Our new relationship with PreciseFP further supports this effort by providing advisors the tools to digitalize each stage of the customer lifecycle, which now also includes SSG forms, documents and account opening features.”

Based in San Diego, California, SSG works exclusively with independent RIAs across the nation serving affluent clients.

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