[Press Release] – PreciseFP Integrated w/h WealthBox and SalesForce

Alpharetta, GA Feb 20, 2017 – PreciseFP, the leading client data-gathering tool used by thousands of financial professionals to
satisfy compliance obligations, including the “DOL Best Interest Rule”, released today two important integrations with leading CRMs Wealthbox and Salesforce.

“These two bi-directional integrations make the PreciseFP platform an even more powerful offering by further eliminating unnecessary keystrokes at the advisory firm level.” stated Don Whalen, CFP® and co-founder of PreciseFP. “Advisors who use bi-directional integrations like these within PreciseFP send their clients pre-filled forms, limiting the client’s job to validating and focusing valuable keystrokes on ‘the delta’ of their client profile. It’s so easy for clients. They actually don’t mind going through the data-gathering process, which is not the case with other data-gathering methods.”, added Whalen.

Once client data is captured by PreciseFP, it can then be used to perform powerful analytics within the platform, or can be exported to other applications that advisory firms make use of, such as CRMs and financial planning software. “Increasingly, we are seeing the need to not only give the client a better experience, but to ensure that data entry occurs only once. With PreciseFP, data entry is performed by the client. Any keystroke or other errors are therefore the client’s responsibility, not the advisor’s. Firms are looking to get out of the data entry business for efficiency reasons, but also liability reasons.”, Whalen added.

Advisory firms create customizable, engaging forms with ease thanks to PreciseFP’s powerful built-in forms design tool. Forms can be easily customized for specific client types or even individual clients. This custom experience results in clients and prospects being more engaged than with generic data-gathering input solutions. The PreciseFP forms library offers ready-to-use forms templates on a number of engaging topics like year-end tax planning, social security readiness, or even selecting the best credit card. The platform not only serves to keep advisors compliant by keeping client data current, it also acts as a lead generation tool by soliciting engagement from clients and prospects in an inviting, easy-to-use, self-service format.

These two most recent partner integration additions join an existing list of integrations that PreciseFP currently has with several other CRM and financial planning applications. As the need to provide clients and prospects with better online, client-facing experiences grows, due to
increased competition from robo advisors, among others, PreciseFP fulfills an important role by providing clients and prospects with totally customizable data-gathering experiences. After nearly a decade in the industry, PreciseFP remains the only totally customizable data-gathering solution and one that more and more advisory firms are turning to to gain efficiency and to
enhance the client experience. Starburst Labs, Inc, with offices in New York City and Providence, are the makers of Wealthbox
CRM. Wealthbox is a web-and-mobile CRM application for financial professionals. Salesforce, with headquarters in San Francisco, offers the Customer Success Platform and the world’s #1 CRM, empowering companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way.
About PreciseFP
PreciseFP is software used by financial professionals and their clients and prospects. Through automated data-gathering, clients and prospects are engaged on multiple topics in an effort to build more complete financial profiles and to generate more leads. The result: more satisfied and engaged clients, improved firm efficiency and scalability, and improved firm compliance.

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