[Press Release] – PreciseFP and Collegiate Funding Solutions Launch Integration Partnership

Alpharetta, GA – July 11, 2017– PreciseFP is now an integration partner of Collegiate Funding Solutions (CFS), Inc. With this integration, PreciseFP clients that license CFS’ highly-acclaimed college-planning software can generate CFS’ college-planning reports from right inside their PreciseFP account using PreciseFP’s award-winning client-facing engagement forms.

Skyrocketing college costs have dramatically altered the college planning and funding landscape for financial advisors and clients over recent years. Consumers want and need more than simplistic college-savings strategies from their financial advisor. CFS offers its college-planning software, subject-matter experts, college admissions and financial aid services, educational resources, and marketing material to equip financial advisors and financial services organizations to deliver the college-planning value that parents of college-bound children need in their efforts to reduce out-of-pocket college costs. As a result of this enhanced service offering, advisors are able to significantly grow their business and revenue opportunities.

PreciseFP is the industry leading data-gathering and engagement tool used by financial advisors with their clients. As part of their “robo” offering, advisors are able to more easily onboard clients and satisfy the DOL Best Interest Rule in the process. With PreciseFP, financial advisors and insurance professionals create custom forms that gather data specific to their clients’ needs. Clients spend less time in the tedious process of completing generic forms and questionnaires, thanks to PreciseFP forms that are prefilled with data from CRM and financial planning applications. Also, because forms are custom and contain only fields of data that are relevant to their unique situation, clients are more engaged than with other “cookie cutter” data intake methods. This results in clients providing more complete financial profiles.

Recent changes in the financial services industry have put enormous pressure on financial advisors to deliver more value to clients, deepen relationships, and identify new revenue-generating opportunities,” said Roger Lorelle, president of CFS. “This new integration between PreciseFP and CFS will assist PreciseFP clients in their efforts to achieve each of those objectives.

PreciseFP is constantly evaluating new ways to bring substantial and innovative new value to our users,” said Don Whalen, CFP®, co-founder of PreciseFP. “We are delighted to add CFS as an integration partner. With this integration, PreciseFP users will be able to to provide much-needed new value to many clients and use PreciseFP’s unique functionality to grow their business and revenue in the process.”


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