[Press Release] – New Salesforce, XLR8 Integrations and Mapper for Custom Field Mapping

ALPHARETTA, Ga, March 26, 2020 – PreciseFP, a client engagement and onboarding tool, announces two new integrations for Salesforce offerings, including the popular XLR8 overlay, and a new Mapper tool, allowing advisors to custom-map fields.

PreciseFP integrates with leading technology providers servicing the financial services sector to increase efficiencies at the firm level while providing a better overall consumer experience. PreciseFP now shares data bi-directionally with Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and XLR8, a popular Salesforce overlay. All three offerings will be able to take advantage of the newly-released PreciseFP Mapper, which gives greater control to users, allowing such fields as user-defined fields to be mapped.

“We are so excited for the partnership and integration between PreciseFP and XLR8/Salesforce,” said Jennifer Thomas at XLR8. “This is a key piece that elevates the efficiencies of our shared clients, and allows them to benefit from technology in a manner that most have previously hoped for. The integration allows for features that aren’t just ‘nice to have’, but rather ‘need to have’.”

The new Mapper tool allows PreciseFP users who also use Salesforce to change the default mappings to suit their needs. User-defined fields are among the fields that can be mapped with the tool. “Not only did we provide a deep integration that includes financial planning-related fields in the case of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and XLR8, we gave advisors the power to change those mappings, even create new ones,” said Don Whalen, CFP®, CEO at PreciseFP. “Advisors have been asking for the ability to share data across user-defined fields. I’m happy to report, the wait is over.”

The Mapper tool is currently only available for use with the three Salesforce integrations, with availability to all integrations being made in the coming weeks.

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