PreciseFP – v3.1 Released

Version 3.1 brings with it the following updates and new features:


  • BCC function for all outgoing emailsNew Feature and Popular Request!  

Office admins now have the ability to BCC your outgoing emails from PreciseFP to an unlimited amount of email addresses.



  • Notification if you attempt to send a client a form that is already “In Progress”New Feature!  

You will now be alerted if you attempt to send a form to a client who may already be working on that same form.


  • PIN/PINless options are now hidden from the Send Form Options when the client already set up a password.Update!

To prevent any confusion, the PIN options will now be hidden prior to sending out a form for a client or prospect who has already established a password.



  • New Import/Export dropdown for integrations on the Client Dashboard.  — Update!



  • The eMoney integration is now live in PreciseFP!


Advisors who use eMoney will now be able to easily capture client-provided data using forms from the PreciseFP library or via custom forms that advisors create themselves with PreciseFP’s powerful form-building tools.